Thursday, August 20, 2009

JPM2Java binary download

A stable version of JPM2java binary was made available for download early August 2009 from the project download page. This binary drop is tagged as technology preview drop 3, The binary also has a samples directory that includes some sample orm.xml files.

JPM2Java (Java Persistence Mapping to Java)is a simple persistence code generator which generates code that uses Java Persistence API (JPA). In short the project aims to automate the process of writing persistence entity classes and also generates helper services which help in persist/query/delete this classes to a datastore.

This technology preview drop 3 includes

  1. An option to generate JPA serializers classes. JPA serializers are classes with utility methods that help in persisting/querying/deleting JPA entities. The generation of serializer is completely optional.
  2. An jpm2java ant task - A sample build.xml is available under the samples directory which builds all the sample orm.xml files

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